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Firstly, located 45 miles east of Los Angeles, Corona, California, was established at the peak of the citrus boom and was once considered the lemon capital of the world. Commerce and industry helped the growth of the area after agriculture fizzled in the 1980s as did affordable real estate prices that drew city dwellers seeking to escape Los Angeles. If you’re moving within the City of Corona or coming from another part of the state or beyond, Student Movers can help you handle all of the details of your move. Additionally, not only are they familiar with the area, they are extremely familiar with the nuances of moving. Learn more about how Student Movers can assist you with moving to Corona CA.

About Corona, California

Corona, California is a welcoming community that has been considered the gateway to the Inland Empire, a metropolitan area consisting of a number of communities in the region. Corona, established in the late 1880s, is comprised of a number of neighborhoods that range from restored historic homes to newer upscale homes and apartment complexes.


Often referred to as “The Circle City” due to its unique layout, a formal city grid enclosed by the circular Grand Boulevard, Corona has a quaint downtown district, a bustling industrial center, an active arts council, and nearly 400 acres of parks within the city.

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What Makes Corona Unique

Rumor has it that at least 17 time capsules were buried in and around Corona since the 1930s. However, their whereabouts were apparently incorrectly recorded and the capsules have never been found. Finally, a team of archeologists contracted to help locate the missing canisters were unsuccessful and to this day, their location remains a mystery.

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Additionally, Corona is a wonderful community to live in! as a result, to help you start your moving preparations, here are some handy links to resources in Corona.

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Furthermore, moving doesn’t have to be a dreadful undertaking. Additionally, with the help of Student Movers, your Corona movers, your belongings will receive the utmost in care throughout each stage of your move and allow you the time you need to focus on other details. Offering both residential and commercial moving services in Corona, the entire state of California or even across the country, Student Movers is your trusted source for Corona movers. Finally, let us help you begin the process today!

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