Tips from your Laguna Beach Movers

Official Logo of Laguna BeachLaguna Beach is a unique beach community and artist’s colony in California, so it is perfectly understandable why you and your family might move to this city. We at Student Movers want to introduce you to what Laguna Beach has to offer, so we’ve included some information below to help you get acquainted before you take the leap.

About Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is set on 7 miles of beautiful California coastline, and is a surfer’s paradise… the perfect place for you to relax and let yourself go! Laguna Beach has long been known as the premier seaside retreat in Orange County, as well as an amazing spot for the art community.

What Makes Laguna Beach Unique

Founded in 1887 after becoming a part of the US (post Mexican-American War), Laguna Beach maintained its connection to nature through the years by its surrounding geography. The coastline now has over 6 miles of state marine reserve and conservation areas, along with 20,000 acres of protected wilderness as you move inland. This seaside community is not only a tourist destination known for its beauty, adventure and charm, but a wonderful place for residents to make a home.

Laguna Beach Resources

There are a lot of details to remember when you move. To help you begin making necessary preparations, here are a few city resources that may be helpful if you are moving to Laguna Beach.

Laguna Beach, CA - Area mapCity of Laguna Beach

Fire Department

Laguna Beach School District


Parks and Recreation

Experienced Laguna Beach Movers

Laguna Beach movers consist of a team of experienced and professional students who can pack, load, and transport your cherished belongings to your new home or office. Student Movers provides services in Laguna Beach and the surrounding area as well as the entire state of California and beyond. If you’re planning a move, plan to use Student Laguna Beach Movers, the best California moving company!

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