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San Francisco, CA - City SealSan Francisco is one of the most beautiful places in California, so it is perfectly understandable why you and your family might move to this city. We at Student Movers want to introduce you to what San Francisco has to offer, so we’ve included some information below to help you get acquainted before you take the leap.

About San Francisco, California

San Francisco is a unique and breathtaking city that sits between the San Francisco Bay and Northern California Coastline. This constantly evolving city is the perfect mix of eclectic antiques and modern culture in a beautiful setting. It is the perfect city to explore by Ferry, subway, old-fashioned trolley, or walking. This city of approximately 850,000 people is the ideal location for your new home or business, right next door to Silicon Valley! 

What Makes San Francisco Unique

San Francisco is known for its unique neighborhoods, historic hills, and amazing old homes.  Wander through Union Square, Fisherman’s Wharf, the Marina, or Golden Gate park to get a feel for this diverse city. It is the home of the Major League Baseball team, the San Francisco Giants, who have the most breathtaking stadium set on the Bay. Catch a game, explore the boutique stalls at Embarcadero, or taste some amazing chocolate at Ghirardelli Square.

It is an amazing place to visit with endless food, shopping, and entertainment options, but it is also the perfect place to settle!  Whether you decide to reside by the beach, the Bay, the Financial District, or in the Castro, Student Movers is the best moving company in San Francisco.

San Francisco Resources

There are a lot of details to remember when you move. To help you begin making necessary preparations, here are a few city resources that may be helpful if you are moving to San Francisco.

San Francisco, CA - Area MapCity of San Francisco

Police Department

Fire Department

San Francisco School District


Parks and Recreation

Experienced San Francisco Movers

San Francisco movers consist of a team of experienced and professional students who can pack, load, and transport your cherished belongings to your new home or office. Student Movers provides services in San Francisco and the surrounding area as well as the entire state of California and beyond. If you’re planning a move, plan to use Student Movers, the best California moving company!

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