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  • bonnie maccabi
    I contemplated in renting a uhaul or hiring student movers. Which is about double the price and very expensive for me as a single mom. It was worth it, due to. Tyler and John, class act on both of their parts. It’s was a smaller move, very difficult in the pouring rain. They were patient with me as I was beyond stressed out. They both worked extremely hard very professional. I would highly recommend them. I come from a service industry so am that much more if a critic I also tipped both of them. Thank you for being such high integrity individuals.
    bonnie maccabi
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    I called two days prior to moving day and they were able to squeeze me in. The local movers were already assigned to jobs in Orange County, so the company was able to pull some gentleman from the Temecula/Murrieta area to make it happen.Isaiah and John were awesome. They were quick, efficient, and had great attitudes. I had a few items like glass table tops that I didn’t have anything to wrap the pieces in ahead of time, and the guys offered a few solutions on how to get those more fragile pieces to the new spot. Everything was transported safely with nothing broken, and when we arrived at my new location, they even helped my roommate move a few of her bigger items, which was super helpful! Highly recommend, great team!
    Julianna Lembeck

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Tips from your Big Bear Movers


The Big Bear area consists of three distinct parts: Big Bear City (the unincorporated town), Big Bear Lake (the adjacent incorporated city), and Big Bear Lake (the actual lake itself). 


About Big Bear City


Big Bear City is an unincorporated town in San Bernardino County, California. It is surrounded by the San Bernardino National Forest and east of the incorporated city of Big Bear Lake. With a population of 12,304 (according to the 2010 census), it mostly consists of small cabins & houses and is residential.


About Big Bear Lake


Big Bear Lake is a small incorporated city also in San Bernardino County, California, and runs along the south shore of Big Bear Lake itself. It is also surrounded by the National Forest and has a population of around 5,019 (according to the 2010 census). This location is a popular resort destination, so the actual number of people within the area is far larger.


About Big Bear Lake (the actual lake)


This famous lake is a reservoir in the San Bernardino Mountains. Entirely fed by snow, there is no man-made involvement in the replenishment of the lake. It’s about 7 miles long and about a mile wide when water levels are normal. The deepest part of the lake is about 72ft.


“The region now known as Big Bear Lake was populated by the indigenous Serrano Indian tribe for approximately 2,500 years. They referred to the territory as “Yuhaviat” which translates into “Pine Place”. They inhabited small villages of 10 to 30 round buildings located along freshwater sources and subsisted on berries, nuts, tubers, acorns, and plentiful game harvested along the lush valley. The Serrano looked at the native grizzly bears as ancestors and did not eat the meat or wear the fur of these massive animals. Several contemporary communities in the area feature place names reflecting the Big Bear region’s rich Native history. These include Yucaipa, Cucamonga, and Muscupiabe.” – wikipedia


What makes Big Bear Unique


Did you know that Big Bear Lake is Southern California’s largest recreational lake? Popular to visitors in the summer who love to fish, catfish, trout & bass are abundant here. 


Due to the wilderness surrounding the area, outdoor activities such as hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking also draw residents & tourists alike to this wonderful place. During the winter, the Big Bear area is famous for its skiing and snowboarding with the ski resorts Snow Summit and Bear Mountain. It has also been hosting the Big Bear Lake International Film Festival since 1999!


Animal life is also abundant here, with plenty of squirrels, coyotes, skunks, raccoons and chipmunks. More rarely, you might come across black bears, bobcats, foxes, deer and mountain lions.

Moving to Big Bear?

Here are a number of helpful resources that may be valuable if you’re considering moving to the Big Bear area.

Big Bear, California Stats

  • Population: 12,000
  • Average Age: 45
  • Median Home Value: $289,900
  • Median Income: $51,014

Experienced Big Bear Movers


Big Bear Movers consist of a team of experienced and professional students who can pack, load, and transport your cherished belongings to your new home or office. Student Movers provides services in Big Bear and the surrounding area as well as the entire state of California and beyond. If you’re planning a move, plan to use Student Movers, the best California moving company!

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