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Am I Supposed to Tip My Movers?

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To Tip or Not to Tip

This seems to be a big question for some. The answer is yes and not just because we’re movers. Service workers such as wait staff, cabbies, bellhops, bartenders, newspaper deliverers, and movers are typically tipped if they provide good service. Remember, tipping is a personal thing; you’re tipping the individual movers, not the moving company. The amount you pay the company is not necessarily what the movers themselves are paid. The next question then, is how much do you tip? We hope the information in this post answers that question for you.


Let’s start with when NOT to tip. Just like you would in a restaurant, don’t tip if you get poor service. Tipping for poor service doesn’t encourage improvement. In fact, it actually encourages poor service because there’s no incentive to do better. Even though we’re movers, we feel strongly about tipping only for good service.


There is no set amount for tipping given that every move is different. However, the basic industry standard is $10-$20 per mover. If your move only involves hiring labor to unload a small truckload, then $10 per mover is probably good. A larger truckload would be worth $20 per mover. Those numbers are for relatively simple moves. When you’re movers handle several heavy pieces of antique furniture and an heirloom baby grand piano with not so much as a scratch, they’re deserving of a somewhat higher tip. Sources such as Angie’s List and Forbes magazine say that in these cases tips of up to $50 per mover are reasonable.


Other types of tip-worthy service include finishing quickly as well as safely. The faster your movers are done, the sooner you can begin settling into your new home. However, safety is still the most important factor, that of your things as well as the movers themselves. But all things considered, if your movers finish early it’s worth tipping them $25 or $30 for the extra time you gained.


Now that you know how much, we’ll tell you about when to tip your movers. Using the restaurant comparison again, you’d never tip your waitperson before you got your bill, would you? The same applies to tipping your movers and almost for the same reason. Diners tip after they get the bill because the amount of the tip is often based on the amount of the bill as well as the service. It’s unfortunate, but the moving industry is full of companies that add on “extra” charges at the end of the move.


Student Movers believes this is a crime. Sure, some extra fees may be in order; on our website, we tell you that pianos, pool tables, and items in excess of 250 pounds cost extra. However, we make sure you know that before you hire us, not after we’ve already moved your items. You should always hire reputable movers – like us! – and make sure you know all the charges up front. That’s the big reason you wait to tip your movers. If the bill they give you is more than you agreed to pay, that’s a type of poor service and poor service doesn’t deserve a tip.


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