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July 6, 2014
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August 21, 2014

Boxes and Moving Supplies

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One of the most important parts of moving are the supplies that you use to help you move! After all, those items are what get you from A to B! It is very important to start this process with good packing supplies because this will ensure that your items get to your new location without any damage. Whether you are moving a home or office, great moving supplies are the perfect place to start. At Student Movers, we want to help make your entire moving process as smooth as possible, so here are some tips about how to get started!

Last week we discussed how to make your move as eco-friendly as possible. We discussed some ways to cut down the amount of items in your home, which helps you have fewer items to move. We also mentioned some great packing peanut alternatives like newspaper, egg cartons, or biodegradable packing peanuts to help you protect your fragile items without using the Styrofoam peanuts that are bad for the environment.

This week we would love to discuss the different moving supplies that will be needed on your moving day. Some of these items will be brought by your moving company so make sure to check which items will be provided and which items you need to source. Make sure you look over the items you are moving and make a list of items that you are the most concerned about. Do you have fine china, crystal stem-wear or larger pieces that will be awkward to move? These items should be measured before you buy supplies that way you ensure that your items will fit in the boxes you purchase!

Necessary moving items are as follows:
1) Dolly – This is especially important if you are moving furniture, televisions, or other large items. This is often provided by your moving company so check what their policy is! Even if you don’t have large furniture, a dolly is often useful because you can transport multiple boxes as once without hurting yourself!
2) Moving Boxes – One of the most important parts of the move! Make sure you purchase a large variety of box sizes so everything can be moved! Shop online for your box supplies for some great deals! Some companies, like Boxes Supplies, even have package deals called “Kits” to help you save time and money. These kits are pre-prepared and can be purchased for particular rooms or for the entire house. Just choose if you need a 1,2 or 3 bedroom kit and they will deliver everything you need to your doorstep!
3) Packing Tape – Key part of the moving supply package to ensure that your boxes do not burst open during the move. Make sure to tape up all creases especially with heavy boxes. Another tip is to pack heavy items such as books in a smaller box that way they can be moved easier and this will lessen the chance of the box bursting open.
4) Tape Dispenser – A luxury, but something that is really nice to have is a tape dispenser. This will save you time and money in the end and you can use it around the house after the move.
5) Shrink Wrap – This item is key to make sure large furniture is not damaged during the move and keeps awkward items such as ski poles packaged together. Moving companies often provide shrink wrap if you have hired them for full-service moving but it is always handy to have a little extra yourself
6) Moving Blankets – Similar to shrink wrap, moving blankets are key when you are transporting larger items. This will ensure the bottoms are not damaged and items can be packed together without damaging each other.

Remember, that the more prepared you are for moving day, the smoother everything will go! Purchasing moving supplies in advance will and using a company like Boxes.Supplies will ensure you have everything you need delivered to your doorstep. Just asses your items, decide how many rooms you are moving, select a kit that is perfect for your needs, and wait a few short days for those items to be delivered. It has never been easier to purchase the moving supplies you need to pack up your home or office.

Finally, be sure to use our Moving Checklist which will help you plan your move weeks in advance and check out Boxes.Supplies for all your moving supply needs! Student Movers and Boxes.Supplies are always here to help you make your move as stress free as possible!

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