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September 11, 2014
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Flunk This Simple Test On Moving

Moving Dog

Take this simple test on movingThe more mistakes you make on this test, the fewer you’ll make on moving day.

1. The thing that people who are moving forget most frequently is:
a) Telling the Post Office
b) Telling the milkman.
c) The dog
d) Paying the bills.

2. Long distance moving rates are affected by:
a) How long it takes to get there.
b) The number of items to be loaded.
c) The weight of the items being loaded.
d) All of the above.

3. To protect your belongings against damage, you should
a) Supervise the move.
b) Do your own packing.
c) Let the movers do your packing.
d) Tell the mover if he drops anything you’ll scream.

4. The best way to assure on-time delivery of your belongings is to:
a) Pay a slight extra charge for a guaranteed delivery date.
b) Follow behind the moving truck and honk a lot.
c) Plot out the route with the driver.
d) Hire a reputable mover.

5. Even if you do your own packing there are some things you shouldn’t touch.
They are:
a) Furniture and paintings
b) Small electrical appliances.
c) Books and clothes.
d) Blankets and sheets

6. The best way to pick a mover is to:
a) Ask a friend who’s moved recently
b) Ask your husband or wife to check with their company.
c) Ask a mover to name the second best moving company.
d) All of the above.

Answers: 1. We’ll give you this one. All of these things are frequently forgotten. 2. For long distance moves it’s the weight of your goods and the distances they’ll travel. Time is a factor only on local moves. C. is Correct. 3. Professional movers are also professional packers. And it doesn’t cost that much extra. C. is correct. 4. D is correct. A reputable mover does everything in his power to arrive at your house when he says he will. And since time is money it costs him when he’s late. 5. You don’t need to get your furniture ready and the safest place to keep your paintings ready is right on the wall.. A. is correct Incidentally. If you pack your own books, mailing them may be the cheapest way to move them. 6. Do them all D. and when you call for the estimate, ask the mover if his men go through a training program. If he stutters, they don’t.

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