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March 12, 2012
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April 1, 2012

Help Move For Hunger Win $10,000 From the Comfort of Your Computer in Less Than Ten Minutes

The Student Movers is proud to support Move For Hunger in it’s drive to help end hunger in the U.S.  We work with a network of over 250 movers in 40 states and have helped collect over 420,000 lbs of food for food banks across America.


We feel strongly that hunger in the United States is a solvable problem, even in times of economic downturn. Move for Hunger aims to resolve hunger in America by collecting and redistributing food that is often discarded when people move.

Donating food that is non-perishable, such as canned goods, can lead to ending hunger in impoverished areas near you and across the country. Why throw away something perfectly good when people are going hungry?

Student Movers is happy to accept donations from our customers when they move. We will pay them forward to Move for Hunger, but your ability to reach out doesn’t end there. You can help them raise $10,000 through watching their video on Slide Rocket, a new online way to create multi-media presentations. Slide Rocket is giving the money away to the presentation that has the most views.

There aren’t many other ways that you can help donate money to a wonderful non-profit by just watching a video. Take less than ten minutes of your time, and help win ten thousand dollars for charity.

Click Here to watch Move For Hunger’s Slide Rocket Presentation.

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