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March 6, 2012
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March 19, 2012

Living in small spaces can require a lot of careful planning to maximize the space you have available. From storing your holiday decorations to have a dedicated space to eat meals, living in tight quarters can quickly turn in to a nightmare. However, keeping your footprint small and maximizing your space can be truly freeing.

Patrick Kennedy of Fair Companies designs SmartSpaces – the apartment equivalent of a SmartCar – to maximize efficiency in small living spaces for urban living. The idea seems highly plausible – low rent, desirable addresses, and big city living with plenty of nearby amenities – but would you be comfortable living in 160 square feet? That’s the size of most people’s living rooms. Check out their video below:

These mini-studios could work for those living by themselves and without a need for more room. If you work more than forty hours a week and are a weekend warrior, you’re never really home much anyway. These spaces would be for personal storage and a place to shower and sleep. California’s minimum square footage requirement for a living space is 160 square feet, but other states, such as New York, have much lower requirements.

For highly desirable locations, such as Manhattan, mini-studios can get smaller than 90 square feet. Living in a space that tiny requires a lot of planning and organization, as well as some serious downsizing. Check out how Felice Cohen does it here:

So, do you still think your home is too small?

A lot of us have requirements for larger spaces – pets, kids, storage needs, etc – that don’t allow us to live so minimally. And honestly, unless you are living in a largely impacted city, you don’t need to sacrifice space for location. However, for those on a budget, or just starting out in a big city, having an affordable living space close to the place where you work can offset other costs, such as transportation, housing association fees, and the cost of utilities or furnishings. Sure, you may not be able to invite your friends over for a gourmet meal you prepared, but big city living provides you with urban amenities just around the corner. And just think, when the time comes to move, you’re entire apartment will fit into a portable storage unit!

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