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June 11, 2012
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July 9, 2012

Moving Checklist: What Items You Should Transport Yourself

Our Handy Moving Checklist

When you are moving, you might want to consider what items you want to pack yourself and what to bring with you in your own vehicle. Professional moving companies obtain a great safety record, but accidents do happen from time to time. You can leave most of your belongings to the movers, but consider transporting some yourself so you can keep a close eye on your most valuable possessions. You can also ship them via FedEx or UPS, and obtain a tracking number.

In either case, here some important items you might want to transport yourself:

  • Keys for file cabinets, extra car keys, house keys, and etc.
  • Valuable jewelries, and other small valuables
  • IRS tax records, Financial Records, and all other important documents
  • Medications
  • Expensive possessions such as electronics—Ipads, Itouch, etc.
  • Family albums, photos, letters and postcards
  • Irreplaceable mementos
  • Checkbooks
  • Computer disks and software backups
  • Personal documents: Birth Certificates, Passports, etc
  • School records—if you have children, pack along their school records as well
  • Stocks & bonds
  • And any other personal belonging you feel is important to set aside

Beside these items listed above, you might also want to consider packing some extra clothing, towels, and toiletries in case your move is delayed. Furthermore, after you have packed all your boxes, make sure to label which boxes are for the movers and which boxes are for you to transport yourself. You might want to label “Do Not Move” onto the boxes, and to move these boxes away from the boxes the movers will take with them.

If you are moving internationally, you might want to consider checking out these quick tips in preparing for your oversea move.

Once you are all settled in, consider having a housewarming party!

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