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January 24, 2012
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February 7, 2012

Moving? Consider Your Options

Consider all of your moving options before you make a decision. Student Movers wants you to know what service is best for your move

Recent US Census Statistics show that more than 15 percent of the population moves from their residence each year. The majority of these people choose to move during the summer, when their schedules allow for time off from work or school.

While most are familiar with full-service movers and self-service truck rentals, many people are unfamiliar with the other options that exist in the marketplace.

PODs or trailer shipping provides the option for customers to pack their own belongings while having a professional driver do the long haul. With a reservation, the company will deliver a storage container to your current address. You load it, they haul it, and you find your belongings at your new home waiting to be unloaded by, you guessed it, you! Portable storage saves money, as it is comparable to a self-service truck rental, but provides a professional driver to move the unit to your new residence. Packing can be a headache, but you can always couple it with labor only or packing services.

Labor-only services provide the extra hands you need to move out of your current place on time. Whether your lease is expiring, or the escrow is closing, it may just be unfeasible for you to pack your items, load them up, and get out on time while still managing your normal life. Whether you’re moving with a U-haul, Penske Truck, or in your own pickup, having someone help you with the heavy lifting can be a real time saver.

If you have a housing gap issue, or need some time to sort out your new place before you move in ALL of your belongings, consider renting a storage unit for a month or two. You can have a labor-only service help you get your belongings in there, or have them packed for long-term storage professionally to insure their safekeeping. Check out our article on picking the right storage unit here.

Whether you’re the kind of person that will do-it-yourself or the kind that prefers not to do the heavy lifting, evaluate all of your moving options before you decide on what approach to take. Moving successfully is a balancing act between time, labor and cost. Student Movers always provides our customers with the service options they need, not the costly options we want them to have. So be prepared, and consider your options before you dive in to your move!

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