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May 18, 2012
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New home? New neighbors? How about a Housewarming Party?

throw a housewarming party to meet neighborsMoving into a new home and neighborhood can be both exciting and stressful! For many people, the thought of encountering new people can be stressful. Luckily, there is an event called a housewarming party! Hosting a move-in party is a fantastic way to meet numerous neighbors in a comfortable setting. Likewise, it is the perfect way to celebrate a new journey!

The first thing to do on this bucket list is the invitation—who and how to invite them. Try a unique invitation—a mix of modern and old tradition style—like combining the invites with a plate of cookies or pastries! This is a perfect step in remembering your neighbor’s faces! Moreover, invite anyone who you know in the area too. The more the merrier!

Next up, we have the food menu. Do not be stressful over the menu since it should be simple! To keep it elegant and easy, try serving the perfect combination of wine and cheese. Likewise, simple snacks of veggie dips and chips can be satisfactory too. Make sure to invite your guests after dinner so the party can be an “after-the-dinner” relaxation event! Lastly, since you might not know how many people are attending, make sure to supply more food than you expect.

Here are some more great tips to take into consideration:

  • Before the guests arrive, prepare your home by spraying some freshener, stocking up the washroom, and placing necessities such as napkins and tissue boxes in noticeable areas.
  • Tidy up the kitchen and dining room—close off bedrooms and any other rooms that still need some unpacking.
  • Dress up! Dress to impress, but keep it classy.
  • Once a few guests have arrived, make small talk and keep them comfortable. Show them around your new home, and make sure they feel welcome!
  • Have some fun activities in mind—in case there are some dead awkward silences.
  • Pick appropriate music for the age range
  • You may want to pick out a theme for the party—use your resources
  • Keep the noise level down. You do not want the party to get out of hand and leave a bad first impression.
  • Do not expect perfection! Lighten up and enjoy your party.
  • As an optional task, write or email a Thank You note to your guests and for any gifts you received at the party.

Need help with invitation ideas? Check out this site:

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