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February 22, 2012
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March 12, 2012

Move Smart With Smart Phones

Ever hear the expression, “Work smarter, not harder”? The prevalence of smart phones and their abundance of applications gives people the ability to leverage technology to their advantage, even when moving. Student Movers has studied up on some of the best smart phone apps available to help you with your move, and we’re giving you our cheat sheet.


Location Hunting:

#1: HotPads

This app is for both the Android and Iphone platform, and provides some of the best search features we have found. If you’re looking for a new place, hotpads is a great resource for you. You can input a multitude of search filters, including price, square footage, location, and amenities. The best part about it is that ability to save searches, add favorite locations to your profile, and get directions to your new potential home all inside the app. You can even contact the property via email or phone call straight from the information panel. If viewing homes or apartments on a map isn’t a big concern to you, you can switch to the list view to see important details at a glance.  When you partner HotPads on your mobile device with the expanded capabilities on your home computer, you’re bound to find your dream location.


#2: Trulia

Trulia is a truly (haha) great app if you are searching  for a home or rental. You can customize searches in the standard manner (square footage, price, location, beds/baths), but you can also speak directly to a realtor and save searches to notify you when comparable properties appear. This app is great for consumers who are ready to purchase or sell a home as it can give you a great idea of where your current market value lies. The ability to browse realtors and agent profiles can provide you with all the tools you’ll need to sell your current home and relocate. Trulia also pulls up listing data for recently foreclosed homes.


#3: Apartment Guide

Apartment Guide is a great app for those on the hunt for a new place to rent. The ability to simultaneously use a map view and list view of available properties satisfies most users desire to view pertinent information at the same time as location. They have extensive data on available units, are can provide you with all of the contact information necessary to make an appointment to view a new complex. This app is a great supplement to the Apartment Guide printed materials.



#1: My Move

My Move for Iphone and Android provides a resource on your phone to file away important notes and tasks to get accomplished. It can also provide you with moving quotes from various companies and handy tips, but we all know where the best place to get those is (  The best part of this app is the organization of moving tips into time frame categories, allowing you to properly plan your move ahead of time and avoid last minute problems.


#2: State Farm MoveTools

State Farm is working on helping make long distance moves easier for the average customer. Their app can help you manage all of your to-do list items, and even suggest weekly moving tasks to keep you on track. The best part of this app is you can digitally pack a box and print barcode labels. These labels can be scanned on your phone, and show you the contents of the box without even opening it! Great for long distance moves where you need to pack up and get the right items out without hassle.


#3: Move Planner

Move planner is great if you need a place to create to do lists and manage them. Beyond basic list management, this app is lacking in serious content, but can be great for keeping you on track with the million things floating around in your head.



If you’re planning your move in the near future, make sure you check out some of these high quality apps. They can really make your life easier and save you a ton of time.

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