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April 1, 2012
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May 26, 2012

So You’ve Graduated College…What’s Next?

It’s almost June, and many of our friends, children, and grandchildren will be graduating soon! Many graduates will be looking for new jobs, new homes, and a new journey. In fact, this might be one of their greatest transitions yet!

Likewise, numerous graduates will be moving from Northern California to Southern California in search for a place of work within 100 miles of their college. Some will be moving for the job or wherever the job market will take them.

Here are some great tips you might consider for moving after graduation:

Before You Move:
• Divide the goods you wish to move yourself
• Have all (electrical) appliances to be moved and disconnected prior to your move date.
• Defrost and dry your refrigerator (and freezer) the night before your move date
• Throw away all inflammable items, dyes, and paints
Moving Day
• Make sure your mobile phone is connected throughout the move date—it is important to stay connected with the moving crew
• Make sure all items and goods have been loaded out of the old residence
• Make sure nothing have been loaded into the van by mistake
Upon Destination
1. Upon arrival at your new resident, physically count your goods
2. Make notice of any missing items or damages on the bill/receipt at the time of the delivery—written proof is the best evidence
3. Make copies of all documents, including delivery papers that is signed by the driver

Note: If you have any questions regarding about the documentations or identifications that is required to move, contact the customs officer prior to the move date.

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Lastly, Student Movers is happy to help you move to or from Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside, Imperial Valley, San Bernadino, or anywhere else in California!

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