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April 5, 2015
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Tips for Moving Out Checklist
June 15, 2015

Tips for Moving In

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You’ve moved. The truck is gone, so is our team. Now, it’s you, your family and enough boxes to build the best fort the world has ever seen. What’s next? Getting settled, that’s what. In this post, we’re giving your our top ten tips for moving in and making your new place “Home Sweet Home!”


  1. Um, duh anyone? However, there is a method to the madness that can be unpacking. If you read our “Final Countdown” post, all of your boxes are labeled and in the right rooms already. If not… have fun looking for toilet tissue and finding kitchen supplies instead. Set up all the furniture first; it’s easier to change locations on big items when you’re not tripping over smaller ones.
  2. Tackle the boxes. We suggest setting up the bathroom first, for obvious reasons. Then, do the living room. After a long day of packing, everyone wants a place to sit and relax, preferably without boxes. Making sure beds are ready for sleeping is the next step, followed by creating at least a minimally functional kitchen.
  3. Service, please! Test out all your services – cable, phone, internet, water, electricity/gas and any other utilities to make sure they’re working properly. This should be easy as you arranged them all in advance, right?
  4. Mail call. Check with the post office to make sure your mail is set to be delivered. Though a reprieve from junk mail is always nice, you don’t want to miss anything important.
  5. Meet the neighbors. You may be nervous about your neighbors. Well, it’s likely that they’re a bit nervous about you, too. Saying “Hello” and being friendly when you see them, or even knocking on their door and introducing yourself goes a long way toward making everyone happy. Plus, they’re great resources for local information such as stores, healthcare providers, etc.
  6. Here comes the neighborhood. Speaking of stores, etc., take some time to learn the lay of the land. Find restaurants, movie theaters, vet clinics, doctors and gyms. Locate the local hospital, too. It’s best to be prepared if an emergency arises.
  7. If you’ve moved out of your old school district, register your kids for their new school. Update your voter registration so you can do your civic duty.
  8. Now that you have a list of doctors, dentists, chiropractors, vets and eye doctors, it’s time to make some appointments and get records transferred from your former providers. Some practices may not be accepting new patients, it’s better to find out now as this helps you avoid the difficulty of getting in to see a doctor when you’re sick.
  9. Hire some help. If you used lawn care, pool cleaning, babysitting or housecleaning services in you old location, set them up for your new home.
  10. Party time! Now that you’re all settled, it’s time to throw a housewarming party. Invite your friends, family and neighbors over to see your new home. It’s not only a great way to connect with loved ones and make new friends it’s also a great way to get some nifty gifts for your new home.


Moving can be a stressful project if you let it. But, with the proper organization and planning – not to mention the expert help of Student Movers – you can make it smooth and enjoyable. It’s the start of a new adventure, a new part of your life. You’ve done it, now sit back, relax and enjoy!

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