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October 28, 2011
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November 3, 2011

Tips for Moving with Houseplants

Traveling with plants can be tricky. Our first rule to moving houseplants is this: don’t let other people move them for you. Plants are fragile and if you move them yourself, you’ll have more control over their environmental conditions.

It is also okay to consider other options like giving them away… Coming up with alternatives might be best for you and your chlorophyll friend (at Student Movers we love our Biology!).

There are several environmental factors that could potentially harm your plant, which you should consider:

  1. Shock:  it depends on what genus or species (there it is again, Biology!) that you have, but some plants are more susceptible than others are and moving can create a need for recovery.
  2. Temperature: This is most important. Plants exposed to temperatures that are below 35 degrees or exceed 95 degrees will most likely die…However, the plants transported safely in either breathable boxes or the correct containers have a better chance of surviving in temperatures for more than an hour.
  3. Light: Plants cannot be left in dark for too long because they with “etiolate” or start to show abnormal growth, which makes your plant more susceptible to disease. If your plant has been in the dark limit it’s exposure to direct sun light.


By the way, cuttings can sometimes survive for several days if put into a bag containing anything from peat moss, vermiculite, paper, or even a towel. This process aids in saving space as opposed to taking your whole house plant.

Here at Student Movers, we care about our clients and their possessions. Let us help with your next move!



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