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July 9, 2012
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What To Donate When You Move

Moving soon? You might notice that moving can be a heavy burden, especially with so many things to bring along with your move. However, you might want to consider donating some personal items that are no longer useful to you anymore. Here are some things to donate when you move:

  1. Clothes: Donating clothes are the simplest way to get rid of old unwanted clothing and excess baggage. Stop by your local Salvation Army, where they already have empty bins for you to drop off clothes. Or stop by Crossroads Co. or Buffalo Exchange if you want to make some quick cash by selling your old clothing.
  2. Furniture: You might notice that furniture is one of the heaviest items you have to bring with you to your new location. Perhaps you can donate spare furniture to nearby relatives, and invest in new furniture.
  3. Shoes: If you own many shoes, you probably know they can clutter up spaces easily. Donate shoes that you no longer like to local charitable organizations!
  4. Toys: Your children will eventually grow out of their favorite toys, so why not donate the ones they no longer play with? Likewise, why not donate toys to kids who never even held a toy before.
  5. Books: Let’s be honest here, will you really read all your books again? Look at your shelf and find out which books you haven’t touched in a while, and will not probably read again. Donate these books to local libraries or schools.
  6. Food: Canned foods can be heavy for a move, so consider donating them to needy families!
  7. Electronics: Haven’t used that old DVD player in a while? Or that TV from 1990? Donate them to local organizations, in which they can give these items to families who would be happy to use them.

There are probably more items you can donate before your next move. Look around your house, and consider what things are useless to you. Also, before you donate to each place, remember to check out their policy—if items need to be packaged or items that they may not accept. Research for local charitable organizations or stores you can donate your belongings to. You can also consider having a garage sale if you want to get rid of numerous items.

After you have donated some of your old belongings, consider what items you can transport yourself during the move.

Lastly, Student Movers is happy to help you move to or from Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside, Imperial Valley, San Bernardino, or anywhere else in California! Just give us a call!

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