How Moving Affects Your Family and Tips for Making it Easier
October 7, 2011
Tips For Traveling With Pets
October 16, 2011

Please, don’t forget to MOVE your PETS!

As usual, it’s all about preparation when making a successful move, especially when you’ve decided that your pet can come too.

It’s important to understand that the home environment and setting, which are familiar to your cat or dog, become disrupted when moving thus increasing your pet’s level of stress and possibly their bad behavior.

First and foremost, the best thing you can do is lock them in a room while moving furniture and boxes. It sounds almost harsh, but Student Movers can tell you from experience that it’s the best way to keep them safe and you hassle-free.

Next, depending on the circumstances for your move, Student Movers can help advise you on how to transport your pet. Animals should never be packed up in a moving van, that’s for sure!

Keep your pet safe and secure by putting them in a carrier, on a leash, or in a cage. Pets can become frightened and bolt away, so make sure they have a special identification tag, if the worst were to happen

Last to consider, when moving across distances, are the local laws and state entry requirements for animals! Crossing state lines with an animal requires a range of certification and up-to-date shots, among other necessities, all which validate the safety of your animal.  You can find information about these online or by contacting the appropriate state agency.


Student Movers is proud to share these moving tips with you. We believe that these pet loss prevention steps will serve you well on your next move. We value family here at Student Movers and there’s no greater family than your family of pets. Please, send us a PICTURE and share with us a story about YOUR PET and an experience you’ve had moving!


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