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  • What does it mean that Student Movers is a California ProMover Company?

Student Movers has been selected as a ProMover through an extensive process. This means that Student Movers has pledged to abide by all applicable state regulations as well as the California Moving & Storage Association’s Code of Ethic.

  • How long before moving day do I need to book Student Movers?

We always recommend booking Student Movers at least 7 days in advance, but often, we are available for last minute moves as well!

  • How do you determine what a move will cost?

Costs are easily calculated by the number of hours and number of movers required. To see your rate, check out our rates page. Unfortunately, we can’t accept cash. NO CASH

  • Are there any hidden fees?

Nope! Everything is straight forward and explained on our rates page.

  • Am I protected against loss or damage of goods when in transit?

Yes! On Full Service Moves where Student Movers provides the moving truck, we will also provide 0.60 cents per pound free coverage. On labor only jobs where the customer provides and drives the moving truck, and Student Movers is hired to load and unload the furniture, the goods are only covered when the items being moved are in our possession. Also, every customer has the opportunity to inspect all items before Student Movers completes the move and any damages should be reported on our moving contracts.

If you are interested in more insurance coverage, our Full Value Coverage protects recovery at the full or “replacement” value. If you are interested in this level of coverage for your move, then please contact either movinginsurance.com or Baker Household Goods Insurance. Both specialize in and can provide replacement cost coverage at additional cost.

  • Can my possessions be stored?

Yes! Check out our secure storage options for a cost-effective and secure way to store your items.

  • Does Student Movers have any suggestions for packing and moving?

Yes! Check out our tips and tricks for packing and moving on our resources page where you’ll find ideas for moving kids, pets and more. 

  • What are the terms and conditions for Student Movers?

Check out our terms and conditions page here

  • Are there any cancellation fees?

Cancellation fee of $150  (per a 2 man crew) when order was not cancelled within 72 hours before the move. 4 man crew is $300 cancellation fee.  I authorize Student Movers, Inc. to assign any charges associated with services to my credit card account I provide prior to the move and/or for any cancellation fee, when 72hrs notice was not given prior to the move date. 

There is also an additional 3% processing fee for all moves and additional fees apply after 8 hours.

Bids accepted are non-refundable for long distance moves.