Giving Back

Giving Back

Student Movers Team giving backSince their first year in operation, Student Movers has always made giving back to their community an integral part of their business. Student Movers instills the importance of supporting the local community to all its movers.




Student Movers is currently dedicated to helping a family in Orange County who has been forced to mCar crashed to a family's living room in Orange Countyove out of their home because of a car crashing through their living room and nearly injuring their 3 grandchildren who were visiting for the weekend. This family and these children have been greatly traumatized by the experience and so Student Movers has put together a GoFund Me campaign in order to help this local family in need. As always, Student Movers is dedicated to the happiness of their customers and we feel that this family especially needs us during this time.
Student Movers is helping helpless poor in street



These are just some of the ways Student Movers supports the local community:

Student Movers recently made a donation to the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) to help support their outstanding care of children in need. The local Costco in Huntington Beach, commended this outreach by a display celebrating the generosity of Student Movers.

Student Movers donated to Children Hospital in Orange County
Costco wholesale store in California
Mascot of Costco in their wholesale store


Student Movers helps to increase awareness on Breast Cancer

All Student Movers wear pink shirts in October to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is a collaboration of organizations, medical associations, and government agencies working together to promote breast cancer awareness and share information about the disease.



Logo of Movember Foundation


Student Movers encourages their entire team to participate in Movember, which supports men’s health programs who make a difference for men and their families.