Moving with Pets

How to Make It Easy When You Move With Pets:

Oh boy! You are adding pets to the mix…? Just kidding! Student Movers loves pets and with these tips, the whole furry family will be settled into your new home in no time! moving with pets

Know those zoning laws

Unfortunately, not everyone loves pets the way we do. Some cities have very strict rules about size of animals and leash laws. Make sure to know the rules when you are house hunting to avoid moving drama later.

Type of pet

Guinea Pig, Fish or bird? For these pets, stress can be fatal (yikes!). Ask your vet what you can do to make their day easier.

Final checkup

Even dogs and cats should have a final checkup before the move. Make sure they are healthy and discuss tranquilizers if necessary.

Find a new vet: At the vet, ask them to recommend a new one around your new home. Also, make sure to have a copy of their medical records. Keep that new phone number on you during the move just in case of an emergency!

Take Some Pictures of Your Pet

Just in case someone escapes from their cage on moving day, you will want to have some pictures handy of your pet. Hopefully this doesn’t happen but it is always a good safeguard!

Update Their Collar

Make sure they are wearing a collar with your updated contact information. A cell number is always helpful!


Just like kids, pets need food, water and entertainment for moving day. Make sure you have extra supplies handy so you have one less thing to think about for moving day. Extra tip: bring paper towels! You can never have too many with pets and kids around!

Help them feel safe

Pets are very in tune to stress and can feel vulnerable on moving day. Keep them in the backyard or bathroom before moving so they are out of the way and can remain calm before getting into their carrying cage. (Even better, leave them with a friend or kennel for the day!)

Moving day

Movers, like Student Movers, are not allowed to transport the pets ourselves. Make sure you have a plan and carrying cage in place that will fit into your own transport (plane, train or automobile!).

Settle in

If pets are used to specific times for feeding and exercise, make sure to keep those routines even on moving day. This will help them get used to their new surroundings!

With these tips for moving with pets from Student Movers, your pet will have a relaxed move along with the rest of the family.  Check out our packing tips, next.