Moving With Kids

Moving to a new place is never stress-free, but Student Movers makes moving with kids as painless as possible for you and your family! We know kids don’t always like moving to a new place, but follow these tips and tricks and moving day can be a bit of fun for all! Seriously…

Moving with kids

Have a family meeting to prepare the kids for moving day

Moving for work? New schools? New neighborhood? Explain in age-appropriate terms exactly why the family is moving and how it will benefit everyone. Show them a map of where you are moving or check out the new place before the day so everything is not quite so unexpected.

Plan FAR in advance

Kids can make even the smallest task take twice as long. Call a reliable moving company and get a date picked and written on the family calendar. Remember, if your child is really young, try to pick a time that will not interfere with their sleep or school schedule.  Less interruption equals happy kids!

Let kids help with the packing

If they are old enough to pack their own rooms, give them some tips and let them at it! If they still need supervision, have them help you pack some of their personal belongings. They can help you wrap their toys in tissue paper or bubble wrap. Remember to ask them what toys they will want to play with straight away and keep those separate! If boxes are going into a storage unit, make sure they contain items that won’t be missed!

Organize when your kids are asleep

Know of some items that are forgotten but would still cause a fight? Organize or de-clutter when you will have the least resistance! Don’t feel bad about throwing out (or donating) old clothes and toys. And remember, move the trash to the trash cans outside so they can’t find them and throw a fit!

Label CLEARLY and with colors

Be sure to label items that need to be unpacked ASAP. Use colors to easily show what is most important (ex. Label in red for moving boxes to be opened right away and in blue for items that can wait!) Also, make sure to use descriptive words. Don’t just label boxes “toys” but with what is contained inside.

Pack toy boxes last

Make sure to have a few toys left until the night before so you won’t have bored children running around the house.

The night before the move

Make sure everyone has a good night sleep but have a little fun together on this last night before the move. Rent a movie, order pizza, and use paper plates and napkins so dishes can be packed away!

Moving day!

Make sure you have lots of snacks and extra clothes for your kids on moving day. You never know what sort of mess they might get into.  Make sure to pack a few activities and treats for entertainment in a special bag. Even on short moves, this bag will come in handy!

Don’t unpack in a hurry

Remember that you labeled everything in colors for a reason. Don’t start pulling stuff out of moving boxes straight away, as the clutter will increase the stress level in the house. Unpack only what is needed and make sure your kid’s understand this as well.

Make your house a home

This one is our favorite because at Student Movers we love moving you into a new home!  Pull out some family pictures and hang them on the wall. Decorate that fridge with kids’ artwork. These little things will make moving into your new house easier for everyone!

Just remember that this moving with kids thing can be fun for the whole family and if in doubt, call your friendly Student Movers associate to help out!  Moving with pets? We have you covered.