Move Your Office

Moving Day is stressful enough; but when you add 10+ other adults, countless important files and misc office wear, moving an office can seem like a nightmare! No fear, Student Movers is an excellent resource whenever you need to move your office! Follow the tips below and your employees will be back to their productive selves in no time.

moving an office

Plan Ahead

With an office, there are countless things to think above moving. Firstly, make sure the new location has wiring, Ethernet, and power plugs to suit the entire staff. If not, consider getting that fixed before they move in to prevent unneeded disturbances.

Reduce Clutter

Just like at home, moving is a great time to reduce clutter and improve the efficiency in the office. Make some rules about what can and cannot be moved and make sure your employees are aware of them!


Moving is the perfect chance to upgrade the office. Donate those old chunky monitors and replace them with flat screens, get a projector for the conference room, or get some funky colorful lamps for the kitchen area. Furthermore, all these small items will make a huge difference in the new office and will make your employees love the new space.

Keep Clients in the Loop

Are you a client driven office? Make sure your clients know where the new location will be! Use this as a marketing opportunity and send them a new address postcard. Furthermore, this reminds them who you are and that you are there to serve their needs!

Back Up Computers

Most important, make sure all computers are backed up the day before the move. Unfortunately, moving day can be hectic and you sure wouldn’t want to loose important company files!


First, contact the machine’s service providers and get all office machine’s serviced before the move. Furthermore, some companies may have tips or specific procedures that must be followed to ensure a successful move.

Get Employees Involved

Have each employee pack up his or her own space and follow the tip below for some extra help in this matter!


Make sure every employee is given two moving boxes: one for their personal items and one for sensitive company documents. Then make sure each box is labeled clearly and have the employee’s name on them. Finally, assign each employee a color to paint on their box.

Color Coding

Continuing with the color coding theme, plan out where each employee will be situated in the new office with a color coded map. This is much easier than finding their name on a given space. Large number of employees? Give a group of them a color so they clearly know what they are in charge of and where to go in the new office!

Office Warming

Have an office warming party for your employees and top clients. This helps everyone stay involved with the process and ensures people know about your new location. Bonus: It’s fun!

Still a bit befuddled by the task ahead? Ask your helpful Student Movers representative to create a plan for a corporate move. We are here to help!