Moving Tips

Let Student Movers help you move into your new home. Daunted by the upcoming process? Don’t worry! Follow the moving tips below and moving day will be a breeze.

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Find a Reliable Moving Company

We know that we are a bit biased where this is concerned, but make sure you have found the best movers for the job and that you have a final quote (in writing!) before moving day. Instead of paying per moving box, consider finding a moving company that works per hour (like Student Movers). This is a much easier, less contested way to find the perfect company.

Always, Always have an Essentials Box

As we suggest in our packing tips, always pack an essentials box in a clear plastic tub so you can easily see what is inside. But what is inside an essentials box?

  • Dish soap and dish towels
  • Plates and utensils for every member
  • Imperishable food items like peanut butter, crackers, and instant coffee
  • Garbage bags
  • Emergency kit with flashlight and batteries
  • Toilet paper and hand soap
  • Knife/scissors
  • Change of clothing and towel for everyone in the family
  • Water & other beverages
  • Snacks
  • Pet food (if necessary)
  • Entertainment (cards, board game, book, etc)
Number Your Boxes

Or at least know how many boxes you packed. This will keep you from panicking about leaving something behind on moving day.

Finish Your Food

Make sure your last trip to the grocery store is a few weeks before you move and don’t buy anything in bulk. The last few weeks you should be finishing items out of your freezer so you minimize what you throw away or give away to the neighbors. Don’t forget to defrost your fridge and freezer 24 hours before moving day.

Don’t Pack 100%

Have a smaller dresser with clothes? If you pull out the heavier items like jackets and jeans, then you can leave the lighter items like t-shirts and undergarments inside. This will cut down your packing and unpacking time. Just remember to use a dolly so no one gets hurt!

Pre-Clean Before You Arrive

If possible, visit the new house and give the kitchen and bathroom a quick clean before moving day. This will give you a place to cook (or order take-out) and shower after a long moving day!

Sandwich Bags, Not Just for Food!

Sandwich bags are a must-have when packing and moving. Keep them handy with a Sharpie so you can keep together little pieces off of curtain rods, dressers, TVs, etc.

Reserve Parking

Try and reserve a parking space near your new home. If it is close, then get a friend to park their car in the spot overnight. You might even get an extra pair of hands out of it!

Just Breathe

Remember that moving day is stressful, but professionals like Student Movers are here to help. Ask us if there is anything we can do to make your moving day a success!

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